Malshej Cleanup Drive, 11th Jan 2009 (Part 1)

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Short Tours, Touring
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Title: Malshej Cleanup G2G
Location: Malshej Ghats, Thane, Maharashtra
Date: 11 Jan, 2009

The trip was a humble initiative of cleaning the lake/backwaters of Dimbhe Dam. The ride was almost cancelled by the ongoing petrol strike, for sometime the strike made me realize how important the transport mechanism is how helpless we are without fossil fuel DOOMSDAY. We didn’t want to go for a ride by procuring petrol in a situation where it was not available for essential services, but by Gods grace the strike was called of late Friday night & the pumps were 80% back to normal by Saturday evening. I was busy Saturday evening arranging the equipments required to clean the lake. The whole week I was living out of a suitcase shuttling between cities & finally wen I got time at night take some rest @ home it was time to get up hop on the bike & ride to Malshej. 

Early Morning Drive on NH222


A small break at Murbad

A small break at Murbad


The Honda Unicorn fully ready for a cleanup

The Honda Unicorn fully ready for a cleanup

The meeting time was 6.00 and in whatever circumstances I didn’t want to be late on this ride. So with Nimish as a pillion & my bike loaded with all the construction equipment required for cleanup I was at Fountain hotel by 6.00. To my surprise the only person present there was Winzee, he is always on time. A quick call to spidy and come to knw tht moto was out of petrol which was causing delay. So it was clear tht whatever I do Ill always be late @ the final meeting point. By 6.30 everyone had reached fountain hotel & we were started ridin towards Eternity Mall, Thane to meet Calvin & folks. Anup was waitin at eternity mall, he had come to wave us off & to take his surprise gift which I forgot to bring (U should have see the expressions…………….). This time I was a bit nervous as there were no senior member of XBHP Mumbai for this ride (All the buddhas..) & I didn’t want ny accidents. We started from eternity mall around 7.00 with me leading (Yaa I was a bit promoted) & Calvin sweeping. Moto was supposed to go up & down the formation to chk everyone is fine & no one does weird stuff.


 In a hour or so we were on the NH222 headin towards Malshej Ghats & the first prob was there to greet me. There was a bag hanging from the left side of the bike which was containing some gunny sacks & the ghamela. Whenever I used to lean left the bag used to touch the tarmac. If it would tear nimish would have to carry all the stuff in his hand & I didn’t want tht, so I started ridding slowly. To say the truth I was crawlin with 30 – 40 avg speed & very carefully bending to the left. Riddin slow on corners is very difficult I guess. So I was sweepin now & calvin was leadin. We finally reached Murbad & halted to have the oldies Missile Pav (this is a tradition). The café walla was askin where bobby is, he was disappointed to hear tht he is workin in Dubai for some hotel (Bobby I guess he was planning to hire u……)



  1. Sweta says:

    Title photo is awesome. Photo with mountain and sun rise is falling is very good. You have done a great job of thinking clean up and done that work. I appreaciate you all for that. One thing is missing is your cleaning photo i.e phot in which u r actual cleaning the place.

  2. mumbaispeaks says:

    Thx for the appreciation. Will post the cleanup photos soon.

  3. Rachit says:

    yeah, i cheked out.. good to c my pic in there.!! 😉
    by the way.. whers ghodegaon.. nything special out there.!!?

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