Malshej Cleanup Drive, 11th Jan 2009 (Part 3)

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Short Tours, West India
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Anirude was ready & desperate to do some show off by pullin some wheelies & stopies but as it was a highway we didnt want ny chaos & like a good boy anirude also agreed to keep the horse offfroad. I really wanted to capture some stunts but had to wait……..  This time instead of dividin the bill later and then fighting for change we decided to pool in money first & then it was jst one person’s headache to pay the money instead of hunting ppl wen the bill comes. Collected the money paid of the bill & we ere back on track. I was sweeping and calvin was leading, actually I didn’t have much options due to the luggage on the left of my bike. It was becoming more & more difficult to turn left on the curvers. On the Ghats I was so slow tht the bike was feeling like a bus climbing uphill. Was really enjoyin it everyone should try this once. For a change spidy was also ridding slowly to give me company, yaaa tht was shocking SPIDY & SLOW. Malshej ghats were as usual very beautiful & this time there were many monkeys around, nimish tried to click some pics but the monkey were not in a mood to pose…… We waited near the tunnel to take some pics, wanted to try some shots (Jst experimenting, Will post them for ur review).

We reached the Malshej Dhaba where everyone was waitin for us. I was a bit late & the stuntin session had jst finished, really sad I missed it guys. You could have waited a bit yaaaar (Calvin & Anirude ill not post the kharghar pics now….). Regrouped again & moved on to the lake. Spider had decided that he wanted to drag so he was dragging ALONE, in sane terms he was rippin the bike along the highway. The road leadin to the lake was dust & rubble & full of craters. This time there was human presence around the lake, all Sunday the freeday sort of birds on picnic. The road abruptly ends after a km & goes into the lake (If u have a waterproof engine then u can ride). There were some naked urban gorillas taking bath in the lake, is it something with ppl in cities tht wherever one finds a lake or sea or some waterbody jst strip yourself & jump in it. I think to save water most of ppl don’t bath for years……….

As we knw that we were there to remove all debris of Sharukh Khans, Rab Ne Bana De Jodi, it was really careless on part of the creative team. I believe they need to be answerable to the government & the people for such a ruckus. The aim was to clean up of the debris from the shore & the approach road & dispose them at an appropriate location. I had estimated from some memories of my last trip that there were not more than 3 gunny sacks of debris but I was wrong there. Wen we reached there everyone was shocked to see the amount of POP. Even a tempo would have to make two trips to carry everything so it was clear that we were ill equipped to handle this rukus. Everyone was disappointed a bit after knowing there were very few things tht we could do. Calvin decided tht we can take pics of the mess and send it to the media and some NGO’s which would come forward to help. Strolling around the lake we found some POP dumped on the shores so we decided at least we can clean tht. Removed all the POP from the area thx to Calvin & rest of the worker, hehehe. We decided to dump all the POP on the road instead of takin in back to kalyan as we had only some sacks to carry the debris & there was a risk of the sacks tearin of and wer had only 2 pillions to carry stuff. Did some photo shoots of ppl workin & possin with  fauda, hilarious poses.

Had another round of photoshoot near the lake with a unique bike lineup & stuff. Around 1.30 it was time to head back home.


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