Hampi – A Stone Dream (Part 1)

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Touring
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Hampi - A Stone Dream

Hampi - A Stone Dream

Title: Hampi- A Stone Dream (part 1)
Location: Hampi, Karnataka
Date: 11 Oct, 2008

Hampi, WTF. Where is this place with such a weird name for the first thing in my mind, humping. Anup discussed about hampi a month back on our Rann of Kutch ride. It was supposed to be his last ride. Siting on the salty barren land of Rann we started discussing bout Hampi. Anup described it as “A Stone Dream”. As usual I said no for the ride, this is wht I always do. Had too much work at office and MCA exams were in Dec and the ride was a 2 day thing. Anup wanted to do it in the first week of Dec and it was supposed to be his last long ride for a while.

So Hampi, finally i knew it was stone dream. Nov flew with work at office and the photo processing for the kutch ride (Which are yet to be posted). The ride was in the first week of dec and my exams were also starting from 3rd Dec. No was i could have done the ride. During the Kutch ride also my prac exams were goin on. I had been to shivneri before the exams with anup and decided that this is goin to be my last ride for th year.

But i guess the riding season was not supposed to end there. My exams got postponed and anup convinced me tht im goin to miss somethin big (He was right..). Finally i decided tht ill be commin for the ride as a pillion, 1600 KM as a pillion was hurtin my a** even befor the start. There were many reasons i counldnt take my bike. I sat on friday in office to stdy the whole route map and feed in the details to Anup for all the processing. Looking at the distance we decided we would leave on friday night. A weekend ride to Hampi with five riders and four bikes.

Anup on the ambition

Anup on the ambition

The Group

The Group

Is the dog cute or razor

Is the dog cute or razor

Dont thing wierd things

Dont thing wierd things

Sleepin early mornin.

If u guys knw me ive an reputation of being late, not tht im proud of. This time too i was unable to change tht perception. We decided to meet @ panvel by 9.00 n leave by 9.30. My last call to anup revealed tht he was yet stuck with firing ppl at office and would be late. We were supposed to leave @ 9.30 & anup would catch us on the highway. As decided i left from my place @ 6.00 and was supposed to meet razor, spidy & winzee at goregaon and from there would ride a pillon till panvel. But the railways had a diff plan the trains were late, it took me more thn 1hr to cover the distance thts usually take not more thn 15 mins. So i was late again. Started frm goregaon @ 8.30 crawling through the stalled traffic at powai. Anup had reached panve before ur and was waitin near McD with Shiva, i guess he knws the art of time travle :-D:-D. As we would take more time to reach, anup n shiva decided to move on. We crossed panvel and superman called me. I mean MeIsRossi(Vikram), not tht he can fly or wear his innerwear outside but on his K&N loaded Pulsar 180 he zooms past u superman would do. He was also taggin along with us to Hampi. As we were late we didnt wait & instructed him to catch us enroute.

We regrouped with anup n shiva @ khopoli some kms off Lonavla. Shiva was geared up with his new jacket, he needs a new helmet though. We stuffed our stomach with vadas & stuffed the shivas saddle bags with bottles of water (wen i asked for chilled water, the old man over the counter handed me a bottle full of ice). It was chillin in khopoli & i was not wearin my gloves. We started 15 mins later from khopoli and headed non stop towards pune. The aim was to reach Hampi by noon, none of u knew if it would be possible. We reached outskirts of Pune & and too right to catch the Bangy highway. Took a break at the junction, a small save ur ass break. There were some camoflashed test vehicles at the corner. Spidy as usual ran towards the cars like a small child curious to find whts in the box. As we had expected the drivers didnt budge instead they ran away with a fear tht the lens would capture the car. The only info we had was it was a tata product. Even after waitin for 15 mins there was no sign of Rossi around, I last spoke to him 2 hrs back & I was worried now as his cell was unreachable. Hopin tht Rossi would catch us we headed towards Satara. The six lane highway is beautiful. The is an viaduct on enroute which is fab, the walls of the mountain lit by the movin lights of the vehicles plying on the highway, a moon lit lake on left and a valley covered by shadows on right. Jst imagine. I was comfertably sittin as a pillion with Shiva enjoyin the scene whereas the rest of the herd was fightin the high beam deamons on the road. Anup was leadin & razor was handlin the tail.

As everyone was hungry 100 kms later we parked ourselfs at a very small dhaba. Ordered tea for the warm feel in the cold surroundins. The dhaba had the traditional bed (dont knw the name

Anup jst hopped on one an lay down. The cold weather and non stop ridin was showin itz colors in jst 300 km, atleast more 400 to go. Ordered tea n food, which was served im bout 15 mins. Itz my assumption tht you get yummy yummy food at small places. Even after havin toasts before food we were yet hungry for more rotis. I would recommend nyone visitin this area to have a plate of sev bhaji on dinner table, itz jst awesome (jst dont ask for the spicy version, ull need a fleet of tankers on standby). The owner of the dhaba offered us two beds to lie down. Who would miss such a chance, anup n razor were the first to hop on. Took a nano nap for 15 mins, charged the phones, paid the bill n hit the highway. Jst there was one change Anup was on the ZMA & i was riding the 7 year old Ambition with K&N. At first I was a bit skeptical bout bikes abilities, but in few mins I realised why itz so diff to catch Anup even on the Amby. The bike was roarin on the highway, K&N effect. As im used to the unicorn im neither used to sound or vibes. It was altogether an delighted experience. Under a star studded sky we were cruisin towards Hampi.




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  1. Sahil says:

    digging all the fotus!!!

  2. mumbaispeaks says:

    Yooooo, jst love the pics. The trip was jst awesome & I miss my old cam now Sony DSC 110. The lens broke in a crash last year 😦

  3. […] Hampi – A Stone Dream (Part 1) […]

  4. […] Hampi – A Stone Dream (Part 1) […]

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