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A Saturday & A Ride

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Touring
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Date – August 2009

Yaaaa A Saturday & A Ride. A big week & a bigger weekend. Not a big but rather a very eventful weekend. Last month I got a good riding jacket for myself which I had promised my body for a long time but didnt get much time to test it. As per the actual plan this weekend we were to be in Amboli. I was planning to do this as a solo ride, was very excited bout it but due to some unforeseen circumstances couldnt not make it to the ghats. I lost my mobile on wednesday which forced me to cancel my weekend plans. A good news on thursday, A driver found the phone & returned it. A bad news I had already commited my self for some other stuff on the weekend on wednesday so Amboli was out of reach for sometime.

Swine flu Swine flu everywhere. The news & the media has really got everyone, tht includes me. Ive got so scared of the flu tht I refuse to use the public transport to reach office, even though I knw tht im just being paranoid. For the last whole week Ive let go the comforts of the Lush & comfortable AC bus & back to the hard saddle of my unicorn. Travelling daily on a bike form one end of the Mumbai to the other end is really tiring but Swine Flu Swine Flu. With no rides on the horizon & not so bright future. Ive not strted using the jacket on my daily commute. Yaaaa itz hot but I want to show offf my new purchase, wht to do no one to appreciate it.

Friday evening, all work over at 5.30 while waiting for the Home Run bell to ring @ 6.00 a though stuck me. Wht now, I mean for a change ill reach home early? Wht then? Wht should I do? Wwht work do I have? Whtz there on TV? Suddenly Im free & dont like to be freee. The only thing I do wen Im free is I sleep or thing of wht to do not to be free. As all girls my Girl too hates me for this non romantic habit of mine of being loaded with work every time but then can someone help me with the definition of work! Isnt spending time wid her work. Ive had friends @ office who have “Meet wid Sita today & have coffee wid little sugar” as items o n their To-Do list. Definitely im sorry for poor Sita but my point its work is nything In which u spend some time to get something worthfull in return. If I spend some quality time wid my girl I get a beautifull gorgeous lady blushing wid the cutest smile. If u work had u need someone to appreciate your work, “Great Work…” as a statement from the manger would bring a bigger smile on ur subordinates face thanĀ  a statement starting wid “Good Work…”. Finally getting back to the topic tht friday I waited in office for longer than ever widout ny work to do. Trying to read some posts of tech websites, finding myself in the facebook chatter, trying to TWIT something that made sence but I was lost. I decided I was goin on a solo ride on satuday exploring the the small 10ft wide roads around the highway.

Saturday morining, no way I could wake up early in the morning but I was up by 10.15. Some 5 missed call from winzee & it was obvious that WINZEE’S pulsar was in mood polute the environment. Decided to go on a ride to Manor. Winzee was waiting for me on the highway around 12.30. We were supposed to reach Manor & be back home by late evening but. Instead of Manor I decide to do a 100 Km straight ride along NH8. Reach Gujrat border & come back. Jst I wanted to do the 100 Km non stop in 60 mins or a 10 min buffer. Not a big deal for many ppl but I wanted to try it myself. Discussed it with Winzeee & he was happy than ridin to Manor. As ive explained earlier bout the work thing, let me finish it here. Ive a problem, a disorder u may say. I fell sleepy not only due to over work but even if ive nothin to do. Normally itz nothing big. U sit on the couch & if uve nothin to do u go to sleep. But my brain is i guess incapable of differentiating between the crouch & the bike. I feel sleepy while ridding. Again not a big thing, many drivers & riders fell sleepy, but the diffrence is I feel sleepy even on a 20 Km ride. Yaa I sleep on my bike to office. I met wid an accident some months back & ruined a friends bike & started taking this problem seriously. After long discussion wid my dad who is a certified Doctor & a Psychiatrist & heated discussions bout keeping me away from the road we came to a conclusion tht I needed to keep the brain active & doin somethin in background while I was riding. Started wid counting cars on road while riding, which failed misserably, then to music we finally found a solution in Podcast. My stupid brain was interested in the stupid tech talks found in podcasts than the adventurous riding. From podcast ive now switched to Audio version of Books & today i was goin to test wid one of the most boring book DNA – The Secret Of Life by James Watson, a Nobel Price winner & the father of DNA Structure. Lets see how the brain reacts to topics itz not quite interested in.

We started at 1.00 pm & the aim was to complete 100Km by 2.00pm. Didnt knw the road conditions so I was a bit doubtfull bout complteing the objective but then tooo we were goin to try. 100Km in 60 mins on two 150cc bikes.

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