Goa – The Dream Destination (Part 3)

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Long Tours, Touring, West India
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Day2 Nite:
Tired souls with drooping shoulders some standing some lying on bed. It seemed like we had done some 6000 odd kms but to my disappointment the trip meter displayed 600 km. No idea why everyone seemed to be so tired. So two rooms & two groups. One room for the bewdas & one for the nons. For a sec it was I thought should I start to drink to be with the bewdas all night, I fall in the non drinker category .

Aman desperately wanted to be on the beach for sunset. In the mountains for sunrise on the beach for sunset. He was stalking everyone to go to the beach, it seeemed like he was supposed to drag our a** to see some naked chick there. Had a bath, all the dust was gone but skin color definitely was different. Anup was under the shower for hours, the clock was jst tickin & tickin. The clock was tickin, the sun was settin & aman was un settin, it was a scene. So finally everyone was ready to hit the beach, Bagha Beach.

Anjuna Beach - Goa

Anjuna Beach

Sunset on the beach - Goa

Sunset on the beach

Daru On The Beach - Goa

Daru On The Beach

I didnt mention the roads leading to this beach. This is one patch ill always remember. One side you have coconut trees and on the other side of the road a small stream gushing past yout to meet the sea. A small toy bridge acrosss the river leading you to a patch of black tarmac surrounded by lush green fields and fenced by two parallel lines of coconut trees. The blue sky above you and the black tarmac below and you are cuttin the air and moving forward with the horses underneath you. Thtz Goa. Ullelilala ulleoooo ullelilala aeeeooooo  (Sorrry I dont knw how to spell it).

Back to the beach. As alwayz Goa’s white sand was there to welcome us. Unlike wht i had expected, the beach was an open restaurant by the sea. Was a bit disappointed by it. The sun had already set but the orange glow had engulfed the whole beach. Found a table by the sand and everyone was set for first ound of drinks, to drown in the cheaply available ocean of alcohol as the sun went down in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. I took my sony and headed to the sea took some snaps of the beach. Back to the tables orders some soft drinks. Anup & Shiva had finished a bottle i guess till then. Ordered some chicken and starters. Meanwhile I got a call from my bro who stays in goa. He is sort of page 3 stufff in Goa. So casually as a good small bro I asked him to arrange some party sharty enteries for tonight. So in 10 mins we were on th LoungeFly guest list. Didnt knw where it is so asked a waiter at the beach for direction. He said it is close by but there is a big party tonight & entry only by invitation. So the night was all set and ANUP, SHIVA, AMAN & ME were all set to rock. Jst I had to pay a small price for this setting had to go for dinner with my brother. He was @ Mira Mar Beach, Panjim. So discussed with Anup all the plans. I was goin to miss the blast at the dinner. Took my bike and headed to Panjim. There is onething bout this city, here life begins after dusk. The lounges by the river, the casino, the big bridge ligthend by einstiens invention & the river water engulfed in moonlight. You feel special. Meet my brother @ Mira Mar CCD. Had a big long family chat there. Wre tooo a coool restraunt had some lobsters. There is one thing good to be with a big brother, U dont have to pay the bill & the best part is you dont have to even pretend to do so . (Anup / Aman pls post wht ulll did @ the dhaba)

On the floor - Goa

On the floor

In the club - Goa

In the club

The Gang - Goa

The Gang

Cornering on Yamaha R15 - Goa

Cornering on Yamaha R15

Sunset by the Road - Goa

Sunset by the Road

Power Nap - Goa

Power Nap

Anup gave a call to chk on me & told me tht they had their dinner & were now bozzin at some cafe near titos . It was around 9.30 i headed back to Bagha. Reached the cafe by 10.30. Saw Anup, Shiva & Aman sittin at a corner table. Parke th bike & joined them on the table. Ashish, Shiva &
Winzeee were tooo tired & prefered to sleeep (Ull missed the action big time). Anup had found the best cafe, the best corner,, the best table, the beast place on tht table & the best angle for babe watching in goa. As it was saturday night & Titos around we had a eye one every type, firangi, desi, latino, asian………………… (Thtz enough). I was starnin my eye to catch a glimse as i didnt have my glasses. Shiva was tooo tired even tooo open his eyes. Paid the billl were out of there by 11.30.

Lounge fly party was supposed to start at 11.30 so asumming that as in mumbai the action will start late we decided to reach there by 12.15. Went to the rooms, used some deos tht the bulls were carrin with them. THe tired trio was fast alseep. Checked ourselfs & vrooooooooooom to the club. To the ZMA & R15 instead of 4 bike, the reson behind this was Shiva was too tired & drunk to drive & i opted not to wear my broken glasses to the club. So I & Shiva were pillions. Found LoungeFly, parked the bike on the sand (thtz the parkin lot , cool). Some girls present there were gosssipin how could we get a entry wen they r not allowed to go in (We were tooo underdressed, Anup was wearin shorts ). Tht was enough for Anup to get charged “Ab tooo mujhe kuch bhi karke jaaan hain”. So as we were late & our assumtion of goa being like mumbai with all lazy ppl around was wrong, the dance floor was full & they were not abllowin nyone in. Called up my bro, anup did some talkin & they let us in. So the late thing cost us a phone call & RS 700 (who gave the idea to be late ). The party was rockin with Nikhi Chinnapa in the house & hot desi & firangi chics on the floor. The trio had some alcohol, showed some moves, stared at some girls & were out of the disc by 2.00pm. Had to get up early in the mornin to start riddin back home so we straing went to the room & offf to bed, batti band.

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