Lonavala – Amby Valley (XBHP Resurrected G2G)

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Short Tours, Touring
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XBHP Resurected (Lonavla - Amby)

XBHP Resurected (Lonavla - Amby)

My fisrt XBHP G2G was Malshej friendship day G2G, approx a month back. I had joined XBHP a month after I got the Unicorn but after my first Malshej G2G, some Hacker had bought down the fourm, it stayed like this for almost 3 month. Then thanks to Sunny & other senior memebers XBHP was resurrected  from the grave. We bikers had gout our playground back.  So like a small kid, was excited bout this meet. Chetan had posted the ride Invite.

“After the recent rebirth of xBhp, we meet up to celebrate our sole platform of biker friendship with a new josh.

Mumbai & Pune are two cities which are separated by 100kms. From the past few months, the bonds have become strong. We xBhpians from both these cities have been riding together for quite some time now and learning from each other. This ride is very much a friendship ride and we plan to make this successful by ensuring a zero casualty rate.”

Unlike other ppl who couldnt sleep tht nite for the sheer excitement, i was fast asleep dreamin bout Me my Uni & Leh.

R Pandhra (Yamaha R15)

R Pandhra (Yamaha R15)

Apache RTR FI

Apache RTR FI

4.30 AM: Moms like, you young ppl dont sleep @ 10 n want to get up @ 4 in the mornin. (She is against me ridin a 2 wheeler but has got used to it like all other parents. But for a change on satuday wen i got elbow pads instead of a jacket she was furious. Came to knw how much parents care bout safety). Got ready by 5.30, geared up with the new riddin gear and went to pick up mayur, my pillion for the ride and was waitin sharp @ 6.00 am like a dumb at Kashimira (I trusted shannon & kunal tht they will be on time).

6.15 AM:
Kunal (The Doctor) arrives followed by shannon. We start riddin towards Jogeshwari meet Moto, Winzee & Tazz @ BP petrol pump. Fill up tanks and we move towards Panvel to meet everyone else @ Macd. Moto was leadin, assisted by Kunal & Shannon. Felt good to be in a formation right from start and as everyone knws u cant rip a unicorn it feels good wen everyone’s around.

Dont knw the time: Reached Macd, met everyone. So everyone was jumpin n sayin u missed all SBK’s. SBK tht to 20 . Met everyone after a long time. In macd we saw true marcus, wen bobby comes back he will have a lot of competition . Left panvel in bout 15 mins after all the fires were finished by marcus.

Took a break at khopoli before the ghats start i.e the real roads start. One thing tht i noticed & tht all seniors have notices is bout the pit stop parkin. We park 3 to 4 bikes parallel to each other. Itz jst a tikin bomb, someone will get hurt badly someday if this continues. Max 2 bikes parked parallel to each other. The ghats finally start, did some sharp leans on the twisties. For the first time I felt the Uni so responsive, the start plugs do help a lot to improve performance. (Ppl who saw the unicorn leanin comments r welcomed. It was my first time leanin ). Later i realized tht wht i was doin @ the speeds was not tht safe, will try to cool down a bit nxt time. Saw the SBKs returnin wen we reached the expressway .

Lonavla: Met chetan, inder and other bikers frm pune @ radhakrishna restraunt. Had tea and bike talk. Bombay guys were like, u knw we saw 20 sbks.

XBHP Horizon

XBHP Horizon

Khopoli Pitstop

Khopoli Pitstop

A Two Part Life

A Two Part Life

Left for Amby. Had a bit of test drives there. I rode the Ymaha R 15, dont knw wht ppl say but the bike is class. Itz got evrythin except power. Ill be ready to spend a lac for tht piece of engg. I knw many readin this will be like wtf .

Anup rode my Uni while returnin, while i sat as a pillion. He was the luckiest i guesss rode bike avaiable except the 220 & the discover. Wanted to knw how others hadle the uni so tht i can improve my riddin + wanted to take some pics.

Reached lonavla for lunch. Nuterino crashed meanwhile. Everyone was worried as chetan too was not reachable. Everythin was cool after chetan returned and told rahul is fine & on his way back home, not on the RTR buy a Tempo .

Had food, waived of pune ppl & started the 100+ km trip back to the metro we call home. This time in a proper formation as we did while returnin from mumbai. Reached mumbai around 6.30. Moto was busy riddin gaurav’s R15 with him as a pillion and Anup was rippin motos 200. Left anup @ his place, hope he got his bike by now. Reached home around 8.00.

Lonavla - The Horizon

Lonavla - The Horizon

So tht the end of beautiful day. I lost my camera cover and my Umbro (I had it for 4 yrs) windcheater today.

Hanoz missed u a lot on this trip. I mean missed ur camera n pics.

It was a pretty short log indeed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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